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You must have seen a hundreds of commercials on TV or must have heard it on radio and read it even in magazines about acne treatments, creams, lotions, and medications; but are you still not able to find the best one for you?

There are many types of treatment available around for different types of problems and issues. But if the treatment is not followed as it is supposed to be, then it will not be effective and may not give the desired result. The same rule applies to the acne treatment too. This must be followed properly to get the maximum result. Nevertheless before we precede let us understand what these acnes are and what causes them to occur?

First of we need to understand that everyone’s skin is different; something that suits me, might not suit you. Similarly something that has worked for your friend might not work as brilliantly for you. So you might require something more or may be just a little stricter way to follow the same treatment. But for sure there will be treatment for every acne problem.


What Are Acnes?

Acne or acne vulgaris, is a disease of the hair follicles of face, chest, back or even arms, and this affects almost all teenagers as a result of changes in hormones, or during puberty or during menstrual cycle etc. These acnes included some of the other outbreaks too like-

  • Pimples
  • Black heads or whiteheads
  • Zits or cysts and even


What Causes Acne?

Acnes are not caused by bacteria though bacteria do help in growth of acnes and making it inflammatory. The main cause of acnes is the blockage of the pores. But there are other factors too that cause acne outbreak like:

  • Food that you eat can sometimes block the follicle and give birth to acnes and pimples. Though some scientists do not believe this theory but there are some people who have experienced a direct relation with oily or junk food and acnes.
  • Oily skin is prone to more acnes, this blocks the pores and causes inflammation thus resulting in black heads and pimples.
  • Tension also increases pimple outbreaks, as there are changes in hormones, which is one of the main causes of pimple outbreaks.
  • Dust is also one of the main culprit to occur acne, and exposure to dirt & dust and other external factors like the kind of occupation you are in; if it involves being outdoors and near dirt; can increase acne problems.
  • Genetics: Sometimes acne problem is hereditary and is in genes. In such cases it is difficult to stop acne outbreaks and is very prominent. Though not incurable.
  • Make-up: Applying a lot of make-up throughout the day can also lead to acne issues. Also the quality of cosmetics matter. Going for a low brand and chemical based cosmetics can cause many skin related issue.


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Everyone in their life time especially during the teenage have pimples and acnes, only the severity changes from one person to another. So having acne once in a while is normal but still when you want to start the treatment or see the doctor is completely your choice, i.e. you want to start the treatment for just one acne which has come at the very wrong time like may be before your prom or may be before your wedding time. So starting a proper treatment or visiting a dermatologist is your pick. But do remember that it is completely curable. With proper care and precautions you can cure the palpable problem of acnes and even its scars.


Steps Of Effective Treatment

As mentioned above skin disease like acne is absolutely curable, one just needs to pay little attention and care to get the desired skin and glow. Before you start the treatment, understand the cause of your acnes and then move ahead, because different types of acnes have different solutions. And to get the best result, knowing this basic thing is a must. Once you decide upon treating them, and visit or look outside for solutions, you will be bombarded with thousands of products that will claim to treat your acne problem. But do not fall prey in the hands of all such dubious claims. Always rely on an expert. Check the reviews and ask people who have been in your place. This will help you to make the final decision. However, do not blindly follow people. Use your instincts too. Always check what ingredients or components are used to make the product that you are planning to use and how will it affect your skin.


Follow The Treatment Terms Unconditionally


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Whatever treatment you decide to use, make sure you follow it religiously and take proper precautions too. Like for example, if the cause of your acnes is oil, then along with medication & treatment, wash your face regularly to keep the oil away from face and also avoid oily food. These regimes will not only help to reduce the acnes but will also help to avoid them in future too. And most importantly to get the maximum benefit of any treatment make sure that you follow the routine as per the instructions. As there are some creams or ointment that is supposed to be applied before bed-time, so do that. And then there are some lotions that you are supposed to apply before you step out, so do that. And there are some with which you are supposed to wash your face with, so do that too. It is very vital to follow the instructions as they are given, to get the most effective results of any treatment.


Be Happy

Your skin is the reflection of your body and mind. So be happy at all times and that will be reflected on to your skin. A stressed mind will generate toxins and will negatively affect both body and mind and hence resulting in a poor quality of skin.

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May 20, 2015

All You Need to Know About Surgeries

Worrying too much often leads to pre and post-surgery complications. Make sure you go through minimal stress by understanding the concepts of medical issues that are to be dealt with before and after a surgery. Here are a few simple tips that’ll help you in a speedy recovery.

  • The most important aspect is to concentrate on the options you have after you’ve been told that a surgery has to be performed.
  • Always, surgery is not the only option one has. There can be alternatives too. If not, then make up your mind and relax. It’s just a medical procedure which you’ve to go through.
  • There can be different procedures for performing a surgery, so better consult your doctor and get a medical advice from multiple hospitals just in case.
  • With the help of your primary doctor, choose the best surgeon and a team that has performed many operations with a very high success rate. Some hospitals claim to have the best team, but may not have a good history of performing a number of surgeries.
  • Cost of the surgery, pre and post-surgery care, and recovery period are some of the important factors one has to keep in mind. Equipment and facilities present in the hospitals also play a major role, so do some research on all these aspects before finalizing.
  • Stay healthy by eating fresh fruits, leafy and green veggies a week prior to the surgery, as the medical procedure can put a great amount of stress on the body.
  • Never risk surgical complications by delaying the surgery after you have agreed for one. Delaying may cause your condition to worsen and it can take a toll while performing a surgery.
  • Finally, post-surgical care is important as it helps you to recover successfully. Take rest and have patience before getting back to your normal life.

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April 18, 2015
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Post-Surgical Care For A Speedy, Safer Recovery

One has to accept that post-surgical and medication complications may arise after a surgery.It’s important that you are well-informed about the surgery, its process and the anesthetical complications that may be possible. Have someone to watch over you for atleast 36-48 hours after the process has been completed. You maynot have complete consciousness. And, make sure that your care taker is in regular touch with the surgical team to avoid any serious complications.

Follow-up care is most important post a surgery. It prevents you from getting hospitalized again and keeps your wounds from contacting diseases. It gives you and your immediate relation a set of skills like changing bandages, disinfecting wounds, etc. Follow-up requires a lot of work, and make sure your loved ones can easily reach the suregeon or his/her office in case of an emergency.

Maintain dietry restriction instructed by the doctors so as to avoid any ill-effects post surgery. Ask for the potential side-effects when taking medications that can help you to recover faster. Don’t miss doctor’s appointments, ensure that you take notes and maintain your health accordingly. Make sure that your partner or caretaker understands the risks involved and knows how to spot early infections or symtoms. Until fully recovered, follow the diet restrictions and make sure not to skip any dose of the daily medicines.

Surgery marks the recovery road to a new normal and a healthier life and follow the doctors advise carefully. Do not neglect it as it can have potential side-effects in the short or long run. Follow the doctors advise on sleeping and eating habits and don’t push yourself too much into getting back to your early life. The body that has been operated and seen knives and blades needs time to recover itself from the medical abuse that has been performed.

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April 16, 2015